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We are a family run business in Toronto Ontario, Canada, and have been since 2008. We are very proud to be able to finally share our mission through our products with you.

Our mission is to motivate through creativity, by finding ways to bring this creativity to families, individuals and businesses.

We will accomplish this by providing the tools to inspire your creative spirit. One such tool is our casting kit that is geared towards families with kids of all ages. Of course, due to the nature of the accessories involved in these kits, adult supervision is an absolute must. Safety is important even while you enjoy family fun.

For those who enjoy scrap booking and other paper related creative works, we also have a collection of embossed papers that will make your brain tingle with excitement. Papers that beckon for your touch. Papers that make you dream of things you could do with them. Papers that make you feel like a true artist.

For those who can’t wait to give the next birthday gift or Christmas or Hanukkah gift, there is always a beautiful embossed paper gift box waiting for you to dress up and gift away.

Creativity through powders like our glow in the dark and mica powders, casting kits and embossed papers is our passion. This is our contribution to the balance you seek in your life, whether as an individual, as a family at home, or in the business place.

Let your hair down, unbutton your shirt, call the kids around, and I mean kids of all ages, and get your hands and elbows dirty.

Have a laugh and enjoy life. Play and keep your hearts light.

Like we said, creativity is our mission to give.

Thank you for getting to know us.

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